is ChatGPT Down?



OpenAI.Com Server Status Check

No, we are not detecting any problems with ChatGPT right now. ChatGPT status is operational.

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is ChatGPT Down?

ChatGPT’s website is fine now. On Saturday, May 6, 2023, we detected an outage of ChatGPT for about 52 minutes. ChatGPT_Login.Co continuously monitors ChatGPT’s official website status for ongoing outages. Here are the details of the last 30 days of OpenAI / ChatGPT outages.


Number of Outages

91 Mins

Average Downtime

730 Mins

Total Downtime

730 Mins

Since the last incident

Our systems are a bit busy at the moment, Please Take a Break and Try again Soon

ChatGPT Status Check

Here are the OpenAI’s last 90 day’s operational reports for Chat GPT, API, Labs, and Playground Site. You can visit the Source Page for more detailed pieces of information.

(Source: OpenAI)

Chat GPT Server Status

Not able to use Chat GPT right now? Don’t worry, Here we’ll explain How to Check Chat GPT Server Status? There are a few ways to Check Chat GPT Status.

ChatGPT Status Page: Any type of Chat GPT issue, error, incident, or outage updates provided on the OpenAI Official website On this page, you will get a real-time update on ChatGPT downtime, historical uptime, and more. You can Subscribe on this page to know when it is available again if it is down.

Visit Downdetector: The Downdetector is a third-party website, where you can check issues reported by Chat GPT users on the site in the last 24 hours. You can also view the previous outage details.

ChatGPT Troubleshooting

If you have checked everything and find Chat GPT working fine for others and only not working for you then you need to Troubleshoot your ChatGPT. Here are some points you need to check and fix.

  1. Check your Internet Connection
  2. Clear Web Browser Cache
  3. Use Other Web Browser
  4. Disable VPN or Proxy


Downtime on any popular Online platform is a very common situation. Due to high popularity and demand, Chat GPT may go down for some time. We know this is very frustrating but don’t worry, be patient and wait Chat GPT team time to fix the problem. In most cases, the error will be fixed very soon, and all of you will be able to access the platform more efficiently and enjoy all the benefits of the platform again.

Is your Chat GPT still down? If so then please write down in the comment section below. We’ll try to give you a proper solution as soon as possible to fix your Chat GPT issue.

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OpenAI / ChatGPT is up and running now

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